Knights Templar Regalia :  Knights of Malta Regalia : 

Cap and Badge

White Tunic

White Mantle

Black Sash

Star Jewel

Knights Cross Jewel

Belt with Frog and Sword*

Black Gloves*

Cap and Badge

Red Tunic

Black Mantle


Breast Jewel


Belt with Frog and Sword*

Black Gloves*

 *same for KT and KM  

After you have decided to join the Order you will need to acquire the regalia listed above as a Knight Templar. It is not necessary to purchase the regalia for a Knight of Malta at the same time. To start with you may wear your Knight Templar regalia, together with the breast jewel for a Knight of Malta, at a Priory of Malta meeting. The regalia can be obtained through the usual Masonic Regalia suppliers or, at possibly more competitive prices, through the Acting Provincial Warden of Regalia, Kt James Edmundson, who may be contacted via email using the contact form below; his contact details are also shown in the Year Book.

If you are a member of the Order and you have regalia you no longer require, that is in good condition, and would like to pass it on to a new member of the Order, please let us know. There is always a demand for good quality second hand regalia. Also for those of you who are receiving either Great Priory or Provincial Priory first appointments or promotions, we may have the Mantle badge of your rank in stock which may be purchased, or swapped for your old one.

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