Membership in the Order is open to all Master Masons of the Christian Faith and who have been exalted into a Holy Royal Arch Chapter. A Candidate must be regularly proposed and seconded into a local Preceptory, and once Installed, becomes a Knight of the Masonic Order of the Temple. There is also the degree of Knight of St Paul and the Order of Malta; which is usually conferred at the Provincial Malta meeting in November, by the Provincial Sub-Prior.

If you are interested in joining us and would like some more information, please contact the Provincial Vice-Chancellor.

Precepts of the Order

  • Love, honour, and fear God, walk after His commandments.
  • Maintain and defend the Christian Faith and the honour, dignity and interests of our Order.
  • Be loyal to your Sovereign, dutiful to the Grand Master and obedient to those who rule over you.
  • Prefer honour to wealth.
  • Be just and true in word and deed.
  • Give no willing cause of offence to any; but, while opposing wrong and injustice, deport yourselves courteously and gently.
  • Assist the distressed, the widow and the fatherless.
  • Eschew all debasing employment, recreation and company; abhor pride and selfishness and so raise the standard of chivalrous honour, striving for the welfare of your Brethren.

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