There are sixteen (almost seventeen) Preceptories within the Provincial Priory of Oxon, Berks & Bucks. Click on the Preceptory name below to obtain further information.

The Preceptory of Coeur de Lion No.29        Oxford 
The Wellesley Preceptory No.204   Sindlesham 
The Crusaders Preceptory No.258   Wokingham 
The Cressing Preceptory No.264   Beaconsfield 
St Hugh Preceptory No.314   Banbury 
The Beaumont Preceptory No.323   Bicester 
The Aylesbury Preceptory No.389   Aylesbury 
The Sir Oliver Starkey Preceptory No.430   Slough 
Robert Loyd Preceptory No.438   Caversham
Cygnet Preceptory No.464   Beaconsfield
Outremer Preceptory No.474   Newbury
Terra Sancta Preceptory No.487   Chipping Norton
Robert de Turnham Preceptory No.499   Bletchley
The Preceptory of Friendship and Care No.514   Sindlesham
The Leslie Felgate Dring Preceptory No.637   Oxford
Bisham Abbey Preceptory No.691   Marlow
William Warde No.705   Winslow

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